What is Chinchilla AI?

5 min readFeb 2, 2023

In the world of technology, artificial intelligence has become one of the most important and most relevant aspects currently in the popularity statistics of the digital world, taking into account the latest related advances and the new proposals that are launched to the world every day, there is no doubt that it is one more step towards automation.

In this sense, the chatbot o Virtual assistants are a topic of enormous relevance today, as a consequence of the popularization of OpenAI and its famous ChatGPT, new proposals have been developed as a way to enhance and take advantage of the benefits of GPT-3 and GPT-3.5 development, so that the automation of processes and the synthesis of large amounts of text becomes faster and easier every day.

Taking this approach, in this article we tell you about Chinchilla AI, a DeepMind proposal to revolutionize automatic language models.

Origin of the ChatBot: The model of attention and service to the public

In order to understand what proposals based on intelligent systems such as ChatGPT or Chinchilla AI are all about, first of all, it is necessary to return to the concept of a virtual assistant. Taking a look at the past, the first virtual assistant was created in 1966 under the name Eliza, developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) whose objective was focused on conversing. Back then, the institute’s staff used to carry out intimate and secret conversations with the artificial intelligence, and they said they felt heard.

Today, the proposal for virtual assistants has become one of the greatest interests in the world of technology and software development, carrying out much more sophisticated ideas and with a greater innovative scope. A clear example of this are virtual assistants, such like Siri or Alexa, as well as smart homes that take advantage of artificial intelligence to automate day-to-day tasks.

What is a chatbot?

Although we have an exact understanding of what artificial intelligence means, encompassing the use of intelligent algorithms, today companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon have dedicated themselves to developing their own artificial intelligence or chatbot that can provide your users with a new way of interacting with your brand in addition to a high-level service.

Now, taking a descriptive approach, predicting that a chatbot is software whose purpose is oriented towards online conversation, improving man-machine communication, generating a natural language capable of interpreting user demands and queries, providing relevant answers. and current.

yes well the chatbots They have functioned as ways to speed up certain searches and resolutions, there is a much greater scope now that this technology has been extended to the industrial and business sector. It is from this point that new research such as Chinchilla, the DeepMind language model, is developed.

What is Chinchilla AI?

With a futuristic approach, the researchers and developers of DeepMind focused their efforts on the development of an optimal computer model under the name Chinchilla AI.

DeepMind claims that its language model is built around features that it claims to be much faster and more accurate than the competition, such as ChatGPT and Gopher.

In this regard, Chinchilla AI presents a system that offers 7% more accurate results at the same cost as other language generators, significantly surpassing Gopher (280B parameters), GPT-3 (175B parameters), Jurassic-1 ( 178B parameters) and Megatron-Turning NLG (530B parameters) in terms of carrying out tasks or evaluations.

DeepMind affirms that Chinchilla AI uses less energy and computing systems in terms of configuration inferences, which improves and enhances its use.

Chinchilla AI was launched in the year 2022, during the month of March, and so far its accuracy is around the average of 67% of MMLU.

Features of Chinchilla AI

When we talk about artificial intelligence models, we know that it is necessary to regulate the IT budget, so that it can become competent at the same time that it integrates between the other models whose functionalities and power are determined by the amount of money invested for new advances and system upgrades.

In this regard, Chinchilla AI proposes a fully functional model capable of reaching the limits of the competition with an equivalent computing cost, adding the following aspects to achieve said objective:

– Fixed model size: In the first instance, the developers of DeepMind carried out a process of experimentation with a fixed set of sizes in the model between 70M and 60M, with a variation in the total number of markers to boost performance (4 variations), later, the best computing resource was selected, creating a model with computational power with more than 67B parameters.

– IsoFLOP: We know that the goal of DeepMind was to find a fixed model size with a lower computational cost, yet whose functions were equivalent to the competition. In this sense, a computational model with more than 67B parameters and 1,4 billion markers was determined.

– Development of parametric loss functions: Once the experimentation in terms of the two previous aspects is finished, the developers of DeepMind implemented a model with loss in parametric functions relative to size, generating a computation that would have 40B parameters, on par with the competition.

Chinchilla AI is recognized due to its wide capacity in terms of processing large amounts of data quickly and accurately, so its implementation is recommended when dealing with a large amount of information, such as customer feedback or current market trends.

Chinchilla AI is able to adapt, and learns a lot from the user’s language type by interpreting new tasks., choosing the right AI for you revolves around your needs, as well as the functions you want to perform.




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