Uses of NFC technology
4 min readJan 17, 2023

Even though it is already known by a group of the population, there is still a need to further expand market knowledge about the use of NFC and the technological benefits that they offer us.

What is it NFC?

It is a short-range but high-frequency wireless communication technology designed to exchange data between 2 nearby devices.. According to its acronym in English it refers to Near-Field Communication NFC, that its translation being in Spanish near field communication.

With this device, a magnetic field is created by means of spiral antennas of 2 nearby devices, supported by 2 protocols:

Active NFC:

Where both devices create their own electromagnetic field to transmitgo your data. This is the case from device to device.

Passive NFC:

In this case only one device generates the electromagnetic field while the other uses the energy to transfer the data, this being the case from device to tag or card.

In simple words, in active mode generates a flow of information in both directions, making it ideal for authenticating identities or verifying payments. While in passive mode, the device that works as its own energy source has a reader of the information contained in the passive device.

What is its usefulness?

These devices simplify the synchronization process between computers to share data, thus facilitating the identification process, automation of actions and why not in the future it could even permitgo make it the key to our car or our apartment.

Uses of NFC technology

Identification Electronic DNI

mitLet Android users use NFC readers as ID readers in compatible appss, in this way you can have access to any place where prior identification is required with the simple fact of bringing your mobile phone or NFC card closer, as may well be the case on public transport.

Identification for payments

One of its most popular uses refers to its ability to pay through mobile phones with cashless technology, in this way applications of Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay offer the possibility of using debit and credit cards from the phone. In Android systems you can pay even from banking applications with this tool.

Promotion and marketing

These tags facilitate the placement of promotions and discounts on products in public places by hanging commercial posters with NFC technology, as well as the delivery of customer loyalty cards to the public.

Automate activities and actions

The NFC offers the option of automating actions in its modalities of keychains or tags, this can be configured on the mobile phone to perform a certain action when reading the tag, activities such as connecting to a WiFi network, entering silent mode or leaving it. Currently there are already applications for both Android and iOS systems; Trigger, and Home respectively.

Synchronization and access to devices / instant content

Some technology product manufacturers are using NFC technology to synchronize devices with the shipment of photos, videos or music, this could well be exemplified with the horns or speakers linked to mobile devices with this technology simply by bringing both devices closer together, this being a revolutionary option after Bluetooth since it does not require pairing initially.

Data exchange

Together with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are a simple way to identify a product or object, making it wirelessly detectable, showing its traceability. Google is one of the main pioneers in this use of NFC technology.

Characteristics of NFT physical tags

-They are impossible to replicate or fake,

-It has data security when using these labels, protecting in some cases elements associated with an NFT certificate which goes directly to the blockchain,

-They offer value and transparency when relating it to devices for the NFT claim,

-Do not require contact between the devices to be linked,

  • Its market cost is relatively accessible compared to others.

The future of remote payments with mobile phones is in fact a reality that is already available in various markets and NFC technology is one of the tools that allowmitin that type of trade.

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