What is DALL-E2? — OpenAi

With the arrival of new technologies, communication networks and intelligence systems, a new horizon of opportunities is presented for the implementation and development of intelligence systems.

One of the current trending innovation themes is artificial intelligence or the Ai interface. This has left the panorama of science fiction and is becoming a reality with hundreds of applications in the field of finance, trade, education and among the most prominent, blockchain and NFT assets.

Now, when it comes to artificial intelligence, OpenAi are certainly one of the leaders in the market today. This article describes how this artificial intelligence technology dominates the NFT art market.

What is Open Ai?

Open Ai is an organization whose objective is developed around the research and development of artificial intelligence, founded in 2015. In 2020, the company introduced large innovation systems in terms of paragraph self-generation, through its GPT-2 and GPT-3 system.

This is one of OpenAi’s most ambitious projects, as the text generator was over 1.5. 1 billion parameters for GTP-2 and over 175 billion parameters for GTP-3. These parameters function as directors of coherence and meaning for texts, so that they look like they were written by humans.

This served as the starting point for the next phase of the OpenAi systems, leaving text generation by image generation using Image-GTP. This is an artificial intelligence system that allows users to complete images in a self-generated way, offering a variety of generation options for each image.

Similarly, OpenAi developers wanted to go further, creating a system capable of self-generating images from a figure, photograph or drawing, called DALL-E2


What is DaLL-E2?

OpenAi’s masterpiece combines the names of WALL-E robot and the artist Salvador Dalí, to create a system that works by “diffusion”. DALL-E 2 uses a system that uses GPT-3 technology to generate a descriptive image from the text and create a new image based on the base image.

The technology for the art generation of this application is based partly on a technique by Salvador Dalí.

Main functionalities

DALL-E2 is capable of generating images from features described by users; it is a neural network that creates images from text descriptions, high quality images and realistic art. With this system, it is possible to edit images changing graphic structure even creating strange compositions with the appearance of a photo or realistic painting, for example “An astronaut on horseback.”

Create photorealistic images with just a description

With this application, you can edit images and change the graphic structure creating strange compositions such as photographs and realistic paintings. For example, “Astronaut on a horse”. In the same way, DALL-E2 allows users to edit the original image, and place objects that were not present in the base image, creating their own combinations for new collections, generating aspects such as shadows and reflections automatically through the processing of the graphic context of the image.

Other available features are related to:

- Understanding the context of the photo to project and enlarge another image.

-Interior design simulation

-Reconstruction of cropped images

- Relocate objects in the image

- Add figures, effects and people to base images with a level of accuracy and precision higher than optimal.

In this way, DALL-E2 offers the possibility to create original-inspired variations referring to the image through a pattern that turns into an image as it recognizes the aspects of the figure. Another feature that stands out is the “done”. This feature allows the software to predict what the final version would be and complete it by having a cropped base image. It also replaces elements of the same image in a perfect way.


DALL-E2 and its role in blockchain and NFT assets

As already mentioned, blockchain technology is one of the most controversial topics in the current trend, thanks to its features and functionalities that represent a change in the economic paradigm at a global level, among these non-fungible Tokens or NFT assets are part of the most marketed parts on platforms.

Since the auction of the first NFT at Sotheby’s in 2021, digital works have become highly valued assets, bringing digital art and collectibles to new markets and digital marketing platforms.

As a result, artists and developers are implementing artificial intelligence techniques to create hundreds of compositions from base images.

This is where the technology developed by DALL-E2 enters the paradigm. Generative art systems are a great advantage for NFT collection dealers and creators as they offer the opportunity to develop new ideas such as realistic images and collections that can be sold in a decentralized market.

At MiT Software we have Blockchain technology and a highly trained team capable of using OpenAI for the development of custom projects and generation of high-end NFT collections with excellent graphic quality.



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