AI and Blockchain applied to Cybersecurity in military systems

The identity of the block chain is increasingly malleable, for years it has been considered as a way of payment, when in reality it is only a platform that enables the means of payment. A solution to many issues in the centralized system.

For example, it is helpful to ensure food traceability, support for airlines and even the distribution of some luxury items. But what if the military and security services could benefit as well? Everyone should be aware of this.

First interested administrations / Blockchain

In fact, according to National Defense Magazine, the General Services Administration is looking for ways to take advantage of new technologies. And the technology that gets more attention in those domains is the blockchain.

The same goes for the US Department of Health and Human Services. They are two important entities that rely on the armed forces, the military and the national guards, to be able to carry out their functions and that, if they find more efficient ways to carry out their tasks, the better.

In this sense, the blockchain is closely related to the Military Blockchain Services, a platform of military troubleshooting and security in real time.

 IA Blockchain

The blockchain, as a data storage, is perfect for tracking military items, as well as the human resources themselves that are deployed all over the world.

We must remember that it is already possible to do this with “traditional” technological means, but with screen technology everything changes. It is safer and more transparent for everyone involved. And privacy is essential for a lot of military actors who prefer anonymity to protect their loved ones.

In addition, this advanced technology can secure decentralized communication networks as well as automated entry and authorisation systems.As a large database, many processes would be automated, allowing large security projects to be fully controlled and managed from a blockchain.

Digital security

Beyond the military world, there are also uses in terms of computer security. And this is because the attacks orchestrated with AI are the daily bread of many companies with databases as the raw material of their work.

The blockchain can be the home for many companies that need to encrypt connections, use of VPNs for greater security, authentication of third party access, protection of confidential data and efficient solutions that revolve around information in the cloud.

As you can see, the blockchain provides solutions in many labor aspects, solutions applied to different fields that can then take advantage of security and transparency to finally put an end to problems that emerged with the digital age.

In this sense, MitSoftware can accompany you on your way to protect your database, guide you in the process of managing sensitive documents as well as the networks of your project.

Its services include risk planning, system design and development, and support and consultation, which can be key to ensuring project success.

IA Blockchain

The future is no longer a promise, the blockchain is now and the paradigm shift is already something that happens every day. Not only represents a world of payments and profits, it can also protect you against real and tangible security threats, as well as cyber-attacks.

This new aspect is just one more that will be added to the many facets of the blockchain.



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