GPT-4, an Ai one step further
5 min readApr 6, 2023


Artificial intelligence is one of the topics that has been among the technology trends in recent weeks. With the popularization of machine language systems, as well as image generators and visual graphics, this new type of innovation seems endless as they are implemented based on completely modern and powerful systems that allowmitin reducing the number of tedious tasks, through the use of intelligent machines.

Among the most popular, the technology developed by the famous OpenAi company, launches the new GPT-4, a much more advanced and powerful version of the famous Chat GPT, as well as the entire environment that encompasses the OpenAi automation and intelligence systems

Artificial Intelligence: The art of automation

In recent years, artificial intelligence has been one of the fields in the world of computing and engineering that has become more relevant, especially since the era of digital transformation, when companies and organizations have seen the need to seek the way to perform tedious tasks without the need for human intervention or with minimal intervention.

This is how artificial technology has developed exponentially, making it one of the most discussed topics among technology forums. The main idea of ​​artificial intelligence is based on the fact that machines are capable of learning and memorizing processes according to a previously established behavior, so they will be able to have answers.

Artificial intelligence was born earlier than we think, since the invention of computers, technology seemed to be solving problems and reducing human effort, through learning natural language and identifying patterns involving a large set of data.

This is how following this particular, we arrive at the implementation of artificial technology as we know it today, being OpenAi (A company founded in 2015 by Elon Musk and a group of experts in the field) the leading organization in artificial intelligence thanks to its “Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3” or GPT-3 technology, a deep learning generator to generate natural language that has evolved to its new and latest version “GPT-4”.

GPT-4, an Ai one step further

While natural language processing technology has been advancing significantly in recent months, Open AI promises to completely revolutionize forms of artificial intelligence with its GPT-4 processor model, a much more powerful version of the current GPT-3.5.

Since its launch, the technology that surrounds the GPT series has greatly boosted the capabilities to generate high-quality texts, as well as a variation in natural language, so it is expected that the new GPT-4 has a much more advanced processing capacity, capable of understanding complex texts and revolutionizing the way content is automated, as well as research and creative processes.

New capabilities that GPT-4 will have

While there are no specific details yet regarding GPT-4’s improvements over ChatGPT, according to Open Ai, GPT-4 promises to be a much more creative and collaborative writer, able to interact in a much more natural way with users, as well as implementing a much more natural way of writing.

On the other hand, GPT-4 will have the ability to accept images as inputs, as well as generate subtitles, ratings, and graphical analysis of them. Also, GPT-4 has the capacity to handle more than 25,000 words in terms of writing, which facilitates the creation of much longer text formats, as well as improves document analysis.

ChatGPT has a great reasoning capacity, however, thanks to the new analysis faculties for GPT-4, creating specific texts will be much easier and more efficient.

According to OpenAi, GPT-4 is a much more secure and aligned interface, with a 40% increase in the chances of receiving correct and useful answers compared to previous versions.

Security and support for GPT-4

To drive improvement in data processors, OpenAi has incorporated new training functions for much more human comments, where the application can learn from the ChatGPT users themselves, so that the behavior of GPT-4; they are much more natural.

Likewise, this new version has applied the use of continuous improvement in the real world, that is, practices have been made of the use of previous models within research systems, so that GPT security monitoring can be increased. -4.

The reasoning capabilities of GPT-4 are quite high, and it is expected that OpenAi will continuously improve this new system, as with its previous versions, so that the performance of GPT-4 can be refined, evaluated and monitored. . OpenAI evaluated the efficiency of GPT-4 in several languages ​​when translating MMLU, a set of 14,000 multiple-choice problems covering 57 topics, using Azure Translate. The results showed that, in 24 of the 26 languages ​​tested, GPT-4 outperformed GPT-3.5.

When will GPT-4 be available?

For now, GPT-4 is only available in ChatGPT Plus, and as an API focused on developers who want to implement new projects, applications and services for this technology.

The launch of this powerful tool was on March 14 of this year, 2023, however, there is no specific information on when it will be available to the general public. This new version is expected to be available silently just like the previous versions.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence and human language automation systems have advanced significantly in recent years. While these models have great potential to help solve complex problems and improve efficiencies in various industries, we still have a lot to look forward to and challenges to overcome in perfecting these tools, so it seems that GPT-4 is one more step towards the future. future of automation For now, we can only wait and stay tuned for upcoming announcements from OpenAi.



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